Buy a vehicle

Buying a Car

Buying a vehicle by auction is a new and different experience for many people. SUBSTANTIAL SAVINGS can be achieved because there are no dealer profit margins to be paid and vehicles can be purchased at genuine wholesale price (dealer buying price).

Aberdeen Auto Auctions are selling agents for:

  • Finance Companies (repossession's)
  • Leasing Companies
  • Insurance Companies
  • Deceased Estates (on behalf of trustees)
  • Some local Government Departments
  • Private Consignees
  • Dealer Liquidations

All you need to do is attend our auction on WEDNESDAYS AT 6.30pm and bid on your preferred vehicle to the amount that YOU WISH TO PAY. If the bidding on the vehicle reaches the reserve price the vehicle will be sold. If the bidding does not reach the reserve price, the highest bid will be submitted to the vendor and Aberdeen Auto Auctions will negotiate on the buyers behalf.

Vehicle Tenders:

Vehicles can be purchased prior to auction by tender process. Simply fill out a tender form (available at our administration office) with vehicle particulars and the amount you wish to pay. A decision is usually made within 30 minutes on whether the tender is successful.

Do your require finance?:

We can pre-arrange your finance needs prior to auction. Any amount can be pre-approved so you can bid up to that amount at auction.

Simply phone (08) 9328 6277 for more information.